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"Response with Dimensionality" by Cheryl Wilson

"Response with Dimensionality" by Cheryl Wilson

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This abstract has many, many layers of work. There are handmade papers in the work as well as scripted tissue papers.  I added this beautiful pink layer on top to finish the work. Then I added black lines to give the eye something to find interesting. The balance of the soft pink with the marigold yellows creates a soft juxtaposition for the more dramatic black lines added to the painting. "Response with Dimensionality" invites you to explore the intricate interplay of emotions and forms through the captivating world of abstract art. With a palette adorned by delicate shades of pink, this painting draws you into a realm of nuanced feelings and intricate depths. The canvas resonates with an aura of both vibrancy and subtlety, as I use brushstrokes and layers that creates a symphony of dimensionality. Each stroke seems to respond to the other, forming an enchanting dialogue that ignites your imagination. Immerse yourself in the canvas and discover a mesmerizing fusion of color, texture, and emotion, as "Response with Dimensionality" becomes a mirror for your own thoughts and feelings, evoking a sense of connection and introspection.

Dimensions: 24" x 24" 

Medium: Acrylic, paper, graphite

Artist Bio:
Cheryl Wilson is an US based abstract artist that creates large layered and
textured abstract paintings. Her paintings embrace spontaneity to allow
passionate paintings to be born through a transforming textured, layered
process. Through the prism of her life experiences, the innermost parts of
her soul, spirit, and passion are visually expressed in my paintings. It is
the artist’s hope for you to personally find a deep personal connection to
her painting, even if only for a brief moment, and become captivated to feel
something within yourself. 

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