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"State of Mind" by Aleea Jaques

"State of Mind" by Aleea Jaques

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State of Mind is a storied and playfully sexy painting depicting a man with a bowl of fruit on his head, cigarette hanging from his mustache and offering a cocktail to a beautiful woman in an attempt to seduce her. His eyeball is gazing down at her breasts and her eyes tell the viewer exactly what she thinks of this guy. Against a strong background of turquoise, these figures reveal to the viewer their State of Mind.

Dimensions: 48" x 48"

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

A self-taught artist who grew up on Lake Saint Clair in Grosse Pointe, Michigan with a refined southern mother who adored interior design and art, Aleea felt an innate desire to express herself with a paint brush. Despite being told that women should be demure and quiet, Aleea now fully embraces her audacious voice. Her art studio is located in charming Northville, Michigan, where she creates works that reside in numerous private and public collections throughout the country. Fueled by a desire to spark meaningful conversation and to be fully seen, Aleea's statement pieces stand as vibrant testaments to her joy of individuality, as represented in her playful figurative abstracts. Featured in many publications, Aleea emerges as a luminous force in the realm of fine, contemporary art.



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