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"Impending Temptress" by Michele Knox

"Impending Temptress" by Michele Knox

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Acrylic and Ink on canvas

24" x 24"

This is my favorite blue color at the moment. I wanted to showcase it with a touch of gray and white. This one is about an impending storm... you know its coming, see the signs and brace for the impact!

About Michele:

Michele Knox is a multifaceted woman, who has pursued two great passions throughout her life: science and art. While she came to her art later in her life, she imbues it with her creativity and unique point of view. She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and while she didn’t pursue art in her younger years, she always remembered an art class in middle school that made her feel the spark of something special. In her 30s, she moved to Las Vegas and pursued a career in radiology, specializing in CT and MRI imaging. While she loved her work, Michele always felt a pull towards art and respected the knowledge and creativity required in scientific fields.

She continued to dabble in art throughout her life, taking only one more art class before getting married and focusing on her career. Eventually, she found herself settling down in Olympia. In 2022 after an injury resulting in needing to take 6 months off of work last June, a friend of hers said, “Now, you have time to paint,” and so she did. She picked up a brush, and hasn’t stopped since. Only recently did she discover that her mother always wanted to go to art school, she just couldn’t afford it. Art and expression also run in the family her paternal grandfather liked to draw and her mother wanted to enroll in art school.

Michele quickly integrated herself in the art world, walking herself straight into Olympia Lamplighters, a local art studio/Gallery. She struck up a conversation with Gab Kalfen, the gallery curator, and through a small series of conversations, she had her art featured in the gallery’s window display, and on their Instagram. Soon after, Michele took an online course, where she met her mentor Cheryl Wilson, who has also become a good friend. Michele’s relationship with Olympia Lamplighters has resulted in the sale of two works of art, and her first 2 commissions pieces. She’s was featured in a publication for minority women in the art world the link is , she had her website done in 2023. Numerous exhibit showings of her art and winning competitions.

Michele's art is a reflection of her inner self. She never knows what she is going to paint when she begins, but the paint, brush, and movement guide her along the way. She loves listening to indie rock or mood music while she works, and lights candles to create a calming atmosphere. Sometimes, she finishes a piece in half an hour, and other times, she finds herself in the studio for hours. Her art and expression are very much spontaneous, she only gives the painting exactly what it needs. While she might not always know how long it will take, she does know when it’s done.

Michele is a strong user of both her left and right brain, because of her love of both science and art. Her inspiration comes from both sides of that spectrum. From Einstein and Tesla to Rothko, from Marie Curie to Sebastian, and of course her mentor Cheryl, she draws inspiration from everywhere. Michele has lived all over the country, but when she arrived in the Pacific Northwest, she knew it was home. When she isn't working or creating art, Michele loves to travel to see the world.


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