One of my FAVORITE trends we incorporated into our homes on Season 1 of Bargain Mansions is HANDS DOWN, herringbone tile. I seriously don’t think I have ever loved a tile pattern more than I love this one. Trust me, I do not discriminate against other tile patterns, BUT the herringbone pattern brings such a unique, modern vibe that others just don’t. I love that it is an old pattern that has become fresh and new again! It’s made quite the comeback and is the perfect way to add a little extra pizazz to my spaces. It’s funny because Dad actually doesn’t like the pattern because he says it feels like a flash back to the 60s to him. 😉

Lucky for us herringbone lovers, this pattern works in a variety of spaces.. kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms walls, and even entire floors if you wanna get wild. Here are a few shots showing how I incorporated this trendy pattern into our Bargain Mansions from Season 1!