About Us

After graduating with a degree in communications at Kansas State, Tamara Day never thought she’d be where she is today, giving old homes new life. Her husband, Bill Day, grew up with parents that owned a lot of rental properties. He bought his first property at 16 and while in college, managed 12 rental properties.

Soon after they were married, Tamara and Bill began buying dilapidated homes to restore and sell. They have re-done everything from great big houses to little Prairie Village homes.

In 2008, they took on their biggest project of all. A 5,000 square foot foreclosed home that required a complete re-haul to make livable. The home was a wreck when Tamara and Bill first bought the house. It was filled with trash and virtually all of the appliances that were left by the previous owner had been destroyed.

Tamara designed every inch of the house herself. But the recession hit that same year and the Days had to quickly learn how to do a lot of things on their own, especially Tamara. So she picked up a hammer and got to work. Whatever could be done, if she could physically do it she was working on it.

Eventually, the project that turned out to be a diamond in the rough got the attention of local magazines. And now, years later, Tamara has made a design career for herself both on and off the screen.

Tamara Day and Family